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Monday, August 31, 2015

2015, where are you taking us?!?!?

I logged into today.
I haven't written a single blog this year.
WHAT happened?

Well, we all know the easy answer, but let me tell the full story.....

Along came Feburary and on a drizzling Sunday morning Chris texted me that he saw an ad in the paper,
"I want to take you somewhere, let's go"......

Off we went and drove up a familiar hill. 
"Cat back" as our running friend Larry calls it. 
It was a drive up to Catta Verdera, the country club where we were married. 
As we approached I saw signs and flags, "new homes".....

Chris and I spent one of our very first dates looking at model homes in Catta Verdera, that was actually where we first saw a wedding set up on the lovely greens of the course. 

Giggly, new love, we joked, maybe someday.

Years later we would be married in the same spot. 
For our entire relationship we would drive up that hill. 
We even ran up it several times and day dreamed about one day, calling it home.

So, on March 13th, what would have been Dad's 58th birthday, we signed papers on our new home. 
Our dream. 

The story is tangled as I was sitting on a shuttle bus in Phoenix, Chris on duty when the Realtor called to tell us we got it.  The story is more tangled as the only reason we got in was someone backed out.  The model and design I liked, the only one at that.  We went on record March 13th......

Back to that shuttle.....

I sat on a shuttle with my brother about to embark on a journey of a lifetime.  Tommy and Dad were supposed to raft the Grand Canyon together.  When everything happened, I felt deep in my soul, I NEEDED to go.  I pitched the idea to Tommy and the trip leaders graciously accepted me to come, being a greenhorn and all.

We would launch onto the mighty Colorado River that very same day, March 13th. 
We woke in our hotel knowing it would have been his birthday.
Knowing we would be out of touch with family for 10 days.
Knowing this would be an emotional journey, but something for us.

I will have to save that post for another day, but what a trip.
 A trip of a lifetime.

So, getting back from our journey, wheels hit the ground.
Sell the house.
Find somewhere to live until your house is built.
Travel for work to LA twice.
Run a 50 mile race.
Celebrate Mom retiring
Dance lessons.
Run two 50k races.
Seattle to see Lindsey complete her MBA.
Swim lessons.
Move into storage.
Move into an apartment.
The year anniversary of Dad's passing.
Luke Bryan concert

So 2015, you have had us on a ride......


Vicki said...

Here's to many more AMAZING adventures in 2015! :)

Jen said...

Oh Erin... I have goosebumps, but at the same time, not at all. It was meant to be. These things happen and they are just meant to be. I can't tell you how many times over I read, "So, on March 13th, what would have been Dad's 58th birthday, we signed papers on our new home. Our dream." I just got goosebumps AGAIN as I finished typing those words. It's beautifully heartbreaking.

I'm thrilled for your family, to have a bright, beaming spot, something exciting to focus on... to place your energy... something to temper the other. But gosh... still, I guess it's just another distraction, but I say whatever! It helps to heal, to soothe and smooth the sharp. I'm rambling, must stop.

And this is all not to mention THE RAFTING TRIP! What a day for you and your family! My gosh!

I think of you endlessly, and love you even more. Is that possible? Why yes it is. You, Erin, left an imprint on this girl...

I'm happy to see you here again.


Leslee said...

You have been keeping a very busy schedule this year... In some ways I believe that is a good thing - It keeps us focused on the NOW and the future!!

Keep up the positive energy and smiling whenever we receives 'signs' that Dad is there watching us and taking care from his new home... ♥