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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This is just a dream.....

I got to see my Dad last night.  
Alive in my dreams.  
The dreams were silly, and I have wracked my brain trying to discern the meaning.  
I even took to the internet for dream interpretations.

All I know is that I was able to see him and Mom, they were playing a silly game and he was protecting her. The game involved both of them holding cupcakes......and Dad was throwing pieces of his cupcake and running about...back and forth.  Lindsey and I were watching and laughing as they interacted and as he was trying to win, but also doing everything he could to ensure Mom was protected....by him.  As we watched, we were laughing at him and Mom interacting...yet, Linds and I were both crying.  
The dream ended with me waking up crying.

I guess maybe I don't need a book to interpret this dream.  
As I typed this it became clear.  
He was protecting her.  
Even now.  
He is protecting her. 

I know that Dad was always quick to make us laugh, so that part makes sense.  
That is one thing I know I will miss the most, the wondering "what would Dad say/do?"  

Today is also a very tough day though.  
Today would have marked their 36th wedding anniversary.  I still want to celebrate all they had, all they are, all they were and all they built.  There is no doubt in my mind that every ounce of who my Brother and I am today is due to how they brought us up.  Our marriages have been successful based on the model they showed us.  Our sense of family is so strong because of them.  
So today, although it hurts and although it is sad, I will make every effort to celebrate them.  

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